Retail Food Inspections

Search this interactive database to find the grades given to San Angelo's retail food establishments by city inspectors. An explaination of the process and the scoring system is given below.

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The City of San Angelo Code of Ordinances defines a food establishment as a food service establishment, a retail food store, a mobile food unit and/or a roadside food vendor. Based on the definition, a food establishment is a place that sells or serves food to the public and does not distinguish between the selling or giving away of food, nor whether the establishment is a profit or non-profit. All food establishments are inspected in accordance with the Texas Food Establishment Rules, as adopted by the City of San Angelo, and uses a demerit system of inspecting.

Inspection scores are focused on food safety items that directly cause problems. Many items that people may see, such as dirty dining area floors and walls, may appear bad, but they do not actually affect the safety of the food; demerits are not given for these types of items.

The food establishment inspection report involves checking against 27 different violations, each scoring from three to five. The report is used to conduct routine inspections and addresses factors that can contribute to the outbreak of a food borne illness including improper cooling and thawing, inadequate cooking, inadequate reheating or hot holding, improper hand washing, infected personnel, contaminated raw food or ingredient, unsafe food sources and cross contamination.

All violations that receive five demerits involve time and temperature issues and are considered major violations; items that receive four are also major violations and involve other issues that require immediate corrective actions. Three-point violations are non-critical violations and have 10 days to be corrected.

Other violations shall be corrected as soon as possible and in any event, by the time of the next routine inspection, but no later than 90 days after the inspection.

(Source: City of San Angelo's web site)